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Update 14.Nov.

Thank you for visiting my Pilates at my favorite Studios & Online classes. 
From the Monday 15.Nov. on, all the studio classes must follow the 2G regulation in Germany. We might ask you to show one of the 2G certifications (full vaccinated or healed).
I’m sorry for the inconvenience, specially if you have not vaccinated.

🌟Schöneberg | TANZFABRIK 🌟
Monday 9:30-11:00 – 15.+ 22.Nov.(yuko) + 29.Nov.(Rossella)
Level II-III (Theraband, Small-ball or Big-ball)
⭐︎currently sign-up only through online.
🌟Prenzlauer Berg & Stream 💻 | YOGAdelta Berlin⭐
Monday 20:15 – 21:15 Level II (15.+ 22.Nov.)
Friday 8:30 – 9:30 Level II-III – 19.Nov.(yuko) + 26.Nov. (Jolanda)
🌟 Kreuzberg | MARAMEO🌟
Saturday 9:30-10:30 – 20.Nov.(yuko) + 27.Nov.(Rossella)
Level III ( with Small-Ball )
UrbanSportsClub :

⭐︎The studios provide Yoga-mat and disinfection-spray. However, due to the current situation, if you have your own, please feel free to carry with you!


Training April 2021

Dear Pilates & Dance Friends,

it’s already been more than a year since we’ve shifted our course into online. Thank you for joining, thank you for your patients, feedback and requests to support the development of our course. 

Update 18.4.2021 | 60min.ONLINE (GMT/UTC +1) Language : English

Tanzfabrik | Pilates – Conditioning&Strength
⭐︎ Monday 9:30 (Intermediate) : 19. +26. April
YOGAdelta | Pilates
!! Course with * = Re-live from Videothek
⭐︎NEW! Monday 20:15 (Leve II): 19. +26. April
⭐︎Thursday 18:30 (Level-II): 22. + 29. April
⭐︎ NEW! Friday 8:30 (Level II-III) : 23.* + 30. April
Marameo | Pilates for Dancers
⭐︎ Saturday 24. April 10:30 (upper Intermediate-Advanced)

As you might already noticed, all my courses have now different levels : 

⭐︎Beginner to early intermediate | strength exercises with less stress on wrists + stretch exercises. 
→ Pilates I-II at YOGAdelta (Thur. 18:30-19:30)

⭐︎Intermediate | If you like the Sun-salutation, this is for you.
→ Pilates II at YOGAdelta (Mon. 20:15-21:15)

⭐︎ Intermediate+ | also recommend for Yogi & Yogini who wish to develop more flexibility and strength. 
→ Pilates II-III at YOGAdelta (Fri. 20:15-21:15) 

⭐︎ Intermediate+ | for anyone who likes Pilates, Yoga and any other sports activities. Also Dance students and dance lovers often join this class. Conditioning,  flexibility & strength!  
→ Tanzfabrik (Mon. 9:30-10:30) 

⭐︎ Upper-intermediate to advanced |for who’s already acquired some strength and flexibility but wishes to maintain/develop. 
→ Pilates for Dancers at Marameo (Sat. 10:30-11:30)

Training Info 2021

Update 03.2.2021🌺60min.ONLINE (GMT/UTC +1)
Language : English

Marameo | Pilates for Dancers
(no class on 20.03)
Saturday 6., 13. + 27. March.
10:30 (upper Intermediate-Advanced)

YOGAdelta | Pilates
Monday 1.,8.,15.,22.(from Videothek) + 29. March 18:30 (Leve II)
Thursday 4.,11.,18.(from Videothek)+ 25. March 18:30 (Level-II)
Friday 5.,12.,19.(from Videothek)+ 26. March 9:00 (Level II-III)
Tanzfabrik | Pilates – Conditioning&Strength
(no class on 22.03)
Monday 1.,8.,15.+ 29. March 9:30 (Intermediate)

Happy Easter! – Open class Pilates-

Wishing you healthy&sunny holidays!
14. + 17. Apr. no class!
22.4 9:30 marameo
24.4 9:30 Tanzfabrik
29.4 9:30 marameo
(Monday 1.5 is may day)


Pilates 2016-17

Dear Pilates Friends,
thank you very much for your visit, carrying your health and smile to our dance studios in Berlin. I also thank you for dance & pilates teachers who’ve been giving me new information and suggestions. I would like to wish you all a pleasant holiday and „Guten Rutsch“ to 2017!
Sat. 24+31.Dec : No Class at marameo
New Year 2017
2. Jan | 9:30 at Tanzfabrik – yuko
7.Jan | 9:30 at marameo – yuko
9.Jan | 9:30 at Tanzfabrik – Martina Garbelli
14. Jan | 9:30 at marameo – yuko
16.Jan | 9:30 at Tanzfabrik – Martina
21.Jan | 9:30 at marameo – yuko
23. Jan | 9:30 at Tanzfabrik – yuko
28. Jan | 9:30 at marameo – yuko
30. Jan | 9:30 at Tanzfabrik – Martina

Pilates Info Nov.Dec.2016

Sat. 19.11 Marameo – No class!

Mon. 21.11 9:30-11 Tanzfbrik -yuko

Sat. 26.11 9:30-10:45 Marameo -yuko

Mon. 28.11 Tanzfabrik -Marina

Sat. 3.12 Marameo – yuko

Mon. 5.12 Tanzfabrik – Martina

Sat. 10.12 Marameo – yuko

Mon. 12.12 Tanzfabik – Martina

Sat.17.12. Marameo – Yuko

Then we have X’mas Holiday!


In the middle of Summer ( I  hope it’ll still summer in Berlin! ) i offer 5 days long Pilates daily training. 🙂 

8.-12.8.2016 (Mo-Fr)10:00 – 11:30 Pilates ( open )

Pilates ist ein Körperbewußteinstraining. Es wurde von Jopseph H. Pilates in den zwanziger Jahren als “Controligy” entwickelt und arbeitet mit verschiedenen Prinzipien wie Atmung, Konzentration, Zentrierung, Koordination, Bewegungfluss und Kontrolle. Von besonderer Bedeutung und Basis des Trainings ist die Arbeit mit der tiefliegenden Bauch-und Rückenmuskulatur. Eine Kräftigung der inneren Muskulatur sowie eine Verbesserung der Haltung entstehen als Folge des regelmäßigen Trainings; Kraft und Flexibilität werden gleichzeitig geschult. Die Stunde beginnt mit Warm-Up Übungen zum Erlernen der Atemtechnik und Körperaktivierung, gefolgt von den klassischen Pilates- Mattenübungen. Das Training wird mit Pilates-Hilfsmitteln wie dem kleinen und großen Ball und dem Theraband variiert und erweitert.

The essential Pilates principles are, Breath, Centering, Concentration, Control, Flow, and Precision. Joseph H. Pilates originally called his work „Contrology“. it designed to harmonize the Body-Mind-Spirit interactions and the use of the full breathing pattern opens the way for easy access to abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles. Begins with warmup exercises to release and align the body. The class is based on the classical Pilates Mat exercises including intermediate exercises. The Pilates props such as small ball, big ball, and Theraband modify and enhance the training. The wide variety of the exercises help to improve body awareness, core strength, balance, control, and flexibility.

Link :

Schedule JUNE_JULY 2016

Upcoming schedule
Mon.13th 9:30 Tanzfabrik yuko
Thu.16th 20:15 Tanzfabrik yuko
Sat.18th 9:30 – Marameo yuko
Mon.20th 9:30 Tanzfabrik Yuko
Thu.23rd 20:15 Tanzfabrik yuko
Sat.25th 9:30 Marameo yuko
Mon.27th 9:30 Tanzfabrik yuko
Thu.30th 20:15 Tanzfabrik yuko
Sat. 2nd 9:30 Marameo yuko
Mon.4th 9:30 Tanzfabrik Martina Garbelli

Schedule MAY 2016

Just realized that tomorrow is Ascension day/Holiday! No class on Thursday 5.5(Children’s day in Japan), Saturday@marameo happens normally. Have a nice weekend and we’ll see us on Monday 9th.May! yuko
Schedule May.2016
Thu.5.May no class -Christi Himmelfahrt
Sat.7th 9:30 marameo
Mon.9th 9:30 Tanzfabrik
Thu.12th 20:15 Tanzfabrik
Sat.14th 9:30 marameo
Mon.16th no class- Pfingstmontag
Thu.19th 20:15 Tanzfabrik
Sat. 21st 9:30 marameo
Mon.23rd 9:30 – Martina Garbelli
Thu.26th 20:15 – Rose Calheiros
Sat. 28th 9:30 marameo
Mon. 30th 9:30 tanzfabrik

April 2016

New Course Plan Tanzfabrik

Summer Semester started, this semester i share Monday Pilates
with Martina Garbeli.

This week (25.04) start from Martina.
Monday 25. Martina Garbelli
Thursday 28. + Saturday 30. Yuko
Have a nice week!