Sharing and exchange knowledge through teaching is one of my important activity.

Teaching field
Movement | Pilates-based conditioning & strength training, training for dancers.
Performance | voice training, improvisation and performance coaching.

Teaching Experience     
WS2023 Musicality for Dancers at Danceworks Berlin
Movement Workshop with Kimono and its culture at HZT Berlin
(The Inter University Center for Dance Berlin) MA Choreography
Voice training and personal coaching at UDK Berlin (Berlin University of the Arts)
Since 2016
Private training and workshops – Voice training and movement Improvisation 
Since 2017
Pilates based training for dancers at Dancewerks Berlin
( Recognized education program and pre-educational program )
Since 2010 Pilates based conditioning and strength training at dance studios in Berlin
Tanzfabrik Berlin, Marameo Berlin, and Yoga Studio Delta Yoga Berlin
2013 – 2015  Pilates Mat at Technische Universität Berlin, Zentraleinrichtung Hochschulsport (ZEH)
2008-2010 Company training (Ballet, Modern Dance, Pilates ) at Tokyo Disney Resort.
2008-2009 Company training (Ballet for actors) for theater productions in Tokyo.
2005-2008 Dance workshops at Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto

Voice & Performance Coaching
Each meeting is 60 – 90min.
Training begin with conditioning workouts and breathing exercises for effective vocalization.
 Concentrate on feeling the vibration rather than hearing the sound, learning to recognize the resonance in the body.

We then applied this new understanding to both speaking and singing voice, explored the awareness of the relationship of the body to itself and the space around it. 

Personal session I offer for:

- Personal voice/body training.

- Individual topic around voice (or/and movement) performance to discuss.

Pilates based training with knowledge of dance.
Class begins with conditioning workouts and warm-up exercises.
To enable easy access to the core abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor, we first employ of controlled slow and full breathing technique.
Keeping its base on the principles of the Pilates Mat-exercises from J.Pilates, we then go on to practice more dynamic exercises with various breathing techniques. 

Throughout the training we direct our attention to breathing, synchronize our breath with movement.

This training aims to: 
– eliminate muscle strength imbalances.
– improve the connection between body an mind.
– improve flexibility, core-stabilization, and energy flow. 

Current open class information in Berlin : https://yuhki.de/category/pilates-upcoming/

Personal training & coaching
A personal physical training session is 75min.  
For voice training, performance coaching and counseling is 90min.
Price : 60€+Tax / session + rent (in case of renting a studio)
Contact: yuko@yuhki.de

2019 Progressive Ballet Technique
MA in Choreography at HZT Berlin (The Inter University Center for Dance Berlin)
/ The University of Performing Arts “Ernst Busch”, Berlin.
with | Prof. Wanda Golonka | main professor
Prof.Ingo Reulecke | real-time-composition, movement practice and music
Dr. Christiane Berger and Prof.Susanne Vincenz | theory, contextualization, practical organization
– Pilates Certification in rehabilitation and conditioning exercise.
D.K. Body Balancing Method of Pilates (The University of Nevada, Las Vegas UNLV)
Emergency First Responce16h (first aid) at Humboldt University Berlin
1989 Graduated as a professional Musical- and Revue Performer ( Dance,Vocal,Act )
Musical & Revue Theater Academy Takarazuka Music School 

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