ma-Ensemble is an improvising performance ensemble.

Michal Hirsch (Tel Aviv, Israel) – dance & voice
Alexander Beierbach (Berlin, Germany) – tenor & soprano saxophone
Nicolas Schulze (Potsdam, Germany) – piano & electronics
Yuko Matsuyama (Berlin, Germany) – dance & voice

2024 Summer – Live performance in plan
2023 Autumn – Live performance at Asia Arts Festival (feat.Ceren Oykut)
2021 Summer – research phase at FabrikPotsdam

Technical rider 2024

venue requirements:
location / space: any type, any size.
indoor / outdoor: both possible
floor: any type
what we need:
– a small PA incl. two microphones
– lighting: no special requirements / what the room and the audience needs
– power supply: 2x multiple plugs
– piano / grand piano (if available)