Hula Hut and the Seven Seas is a Berlin based Hawaiian Band. We are unique as a live band performing traditional music from the 1920-30s with a focus on the long-lost sounds of the great steel guitar groups, with selections of classics as originally recorded by Sol Hoopii, King Benny Nawahi, Jim and Bob (The Genial Hawaiians) and many others.
Together we have a confidence and respect for Hawaiian sounds, and as Berliners, enjoy the healing properties of the music as an elixir for modern city life. More sunshine, please!
Hula Hut and the Seven Seas

Sebastian Müller aka.Shapemod (acoustic/electric steel guitar)
Patric Arp (ukulele, acoustic guitar),
Taylor Savvy ( acoustic guitar, contra-bass)
Ken aka.Derek Shirley ( contra-bass )
Yuko Matsuyama ( vocal)
Ukulelezaza aka. Remco Houtman Janssen
Peter Heidenwag (vocal, ukulele)
Katharina Micada (singing saw, vocal)

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⭐︎ Sebastian Müller’s Interview at The Squareneck Journal
08/07/23′ Live at Tiki an der Tanke at FIT
22/06/23′ HulaHut Live at Club Eschschloraque
18/06/23′ Yuko & Sebastian joined Ukulelezaza’s solo at Berline Ukulele Festival
21.Aug.2021 HulaHut&The Seven Seas Live at 10 Jahre TIKI AN DER TANKE! FIT Berlin
5.Sep.2020 Herbst nachgeholte Frühlingskonzert in Lindenberg, Brandenburg
Cancelled! 19.Apr.2020 Hawai’ian Sunday double concert with Ukulelezaza
DJ Schmackos & Djne Marion (Funtomouse) at Eschschloraque
21.Dec.2019 Concert series PLAY DATE at FELD Theater //Concept Boris Hauf
30.Nov.2019 Winter in Hawai’i at Eschschloraque
29.Nov.2019 Ukulelezaza Welcome Session at Göttin der Weisheit
21.Nov. 2019 HulaHut Live at Opening Die Ganze Freiheit
3.Aug.2019 FIT Berlin
27.Juli.2019 7th Czech Ukulele Festival
5.Apr.2019 at Göttin der Weisheit, Berlin
07.Dez.2018 at NachbarschaftsEtage Fabrik Osloer Straße
24.Aug.2018 Tiki an der Tanke at FIT Berlin
6.Jun.2018 Performing Art Festival Berlin 2018 Opening Party at SO36 Berlin
21.May 2018 Ukulele Festival Dortmund
5.May 2018 Lindenberg, Brandenburg