April – Juli 2023 | Lecture performance
Performative Museum guide tour with art mediator Hans-Werner Klohe at the Humboldt Forum
3 dates are in plan
2.- 4. June 2023 | Dance
Alessio Trevisani’s new production at the Dello Scompiglio, Lucca, Italy
June 2023 | Vocal
Live – with Dutch ukulele master Remco Houtman-Janssen aka Ukulelezaza
Live – HulaHut & the Seven Seas
July 2023 | Vocal
Live – HulaHut & the Seven Seas
10. – 15. August 2023 | Workshop
Movement & voice workshop with Nico Lippolis and Francesco Zita
at Casina Settarte, Ostuni-Puglia , Italy


February 2023 | Seminar
Musicality for Dancers – Basic theory + Practice in improvisation

March 2023 | Performance
Virtual Reality Project – creation and process presentation
LA STRADA MOLESTA by Silvia Albarella

27.Nov.22’ | Improvisation
Audiovisual performance | Black on Black
Ceren Oykut | Live Drawing & Projection
Fezayafirar | Modular Synthesizers, Ney, Kopuz, Framedrum
Yuko Matsuyama | Vocal & Movement

22. – 25. September 2022 | Structure improvisation
ERDLINGE by Akseli Aittomäki
Tanzfabrik Berlin

14.August | Dance
Yukata-Kai by Hujima Kankyohmi, Osaka, Japan
(Seasonal showcase, Japanese traditional dance Buyoh) 

20.June – 8.July | Lecture
Edo period – movement aesthetic with Kimono and Dancing-fan 
MA Choreography at HZT Berlin / Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts 

06.June – 9.July 2022 | Sound design

O LIVRO DO TEMPO Christina Elias @christina_elias_art 
Performance “pro um fio”

Mai – Juni.2022 | Sound design
A solo aerial performance by Rosiris Garrido
What can I offer you today  // Connected Absence

30.03.2022 | Lecture Performance

Ein Objekt, viele Fragen – Begrenzte Freiheit: Perspektiven eines Kimonos
A solo lecture performance at Humboldt Forum

18.01.2022 | Improvisation

„Laut·ma·le·rei” at Au Topsi Pohl

June – November 2021 | Performance research
Research : Tanz und Tonalität des leeren Raumes
(Dance and tonality in the void space)
Solo for the void spaces 01 + 02

Mentor :  Boris von Poser
Supported by Dachverband Tanz Deutschland ‘Dis-Tanz-Solo’ program
[ Neustart Kulture, BMK (Bundesregierung für Kulture und Medien) ]
Gefördert durch die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für
Kultur und Medien im Programm NEUSTART KULTUR,
Hilfsprogramm DIS-TANZEN des Dachverband Tanz Deutschland

May 2021 | Interview
Interviewed by Danielle De Piccioto – Kaput Magazine
“I seek a truth in a non-verbalized dimension”
Link :