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Song title – Fukai | Naoki Kenji aka. JP Juice
CD/DVD FUKAI / Song: Fukai | Naoki Kenji / Label: Black Flame iTunes
Remix FUKAI | Song: Fukai | Naoki Kenji / Label: Black Flame iTunes
Erotic Lounge Deluxe Edition 2xCD, Compilation Album
Song: Fukai  | Naoki Kenji / Label, Sony Music Media, Sony Music Entertainment


song titel – No suger for me honey | Patric Catani – Freibank
2005 FOR FILMS 11, Kompiliert Album / Label, Freibank Muisic Publishing


song titel – Hibiki, Bokura no Ongaku | Jasmon – shop Lemongrassmusic
2005 Cosmic Trigger / Label Receptortune


song titel – Slofo, Illusion | Tealeaf Family
2005 Untitle You Get Dizzy CD / Label Dangerous Drums


song titel – Natsu no Hi, Ajisai,Hunwari | Lemongrass – Shop Lemongrassmusic
2005 IKEBANA / Label Lemongrass Music


song title – MIMIZUKU, Yama he kaerou, Aoi Saru | BYMSKI –
2006 MIMIZUKU / Label JAP


song title – Ajisai | Lemongrass –
2007 Various Artists: SPA SESSIONS CD / Label Water Music Records


song title – SHAKUYAKU | Lemongrass
2009 31 Juli Buddha Grooves Vol.5:Special Edition Label ZYX Music – Shop ZYX Music
2009 21.Juni
Cinematic Lounge Vol. 1
Shop Beatport

Song title – Tears in a bottle / mit Patric Catani
2011 18. April. Japanease
– A 120 Track Electronic Dance Music Project For Japan – Part 3 – Electrobuzz
/ Lebel Whatpeopleplay Rec.


Song titleLunar Rover (Utao Okami) | Xaver von Trayer –
2011 April Kompakt Japan Relief compiration / Lebel Kompact
2011 24.Oct. The
Torino Scale / Lebel Supersoul Recordings


Hula Hut & the Seven Seas

For the Past& Upcoming performances  Please click the link below

Sebastian Müller (acoustic/electric steel guitar)
Patric Arp (ukulele, acoustic guitar)
Taylor savvy ( acoustic guitar, bass)
Yuko Matsuyama ( vocal)

Maikai No Kauai


Hula Hut & the Seven Seas Christmas Edition‬
Hula Hut & The Seven Seas with Frank Fairfield‬

Aloha! Hula Hut & The Seven Seas zaubern Sonne ins Herz und ein Lächeln auf die Lippen!
Im traditionellen Setup der 1920/30er (Steel Guitar, Guitar, Ukulele) spielen Hula Hut längst vergessene Hits aus der Blütezeit der Hawaiianischen Musik. Mit abwechslungsreichen Repertoire spannt die Band den Bogen von mitreissenden Instrumental-Klassikern bis hin zu atemberaubend schönen Vokalnummern, die von Yuko Matsuyama im Stile der großen Hawaiianischen Gesangskünstler vorgetragen werden. Let the sunshine in!
english info Hula Hut and the Seven Seas
Hula Hut and the Seven Seas plays Hawaiian music for parties, events and private gatherings. We are unique as a trio performing traditional music from the 1920-30s with a focus on the long-lost sounds of the great steel guitar groups, with selections of classics as originally recorded by Sol Hoopii, King Benny Nawahi, Jim and Bob (The Genial Hawaiians) and many others.
The group has been performing throughout Berlin since 2011, and consists of Sebastian Müller (acoustic/electric steel guitar), Patrick Arp (ukelele, acoustic guitar) and Taylor Savvy (acoustic guitar, bass). Our most recent member Yuko Matsuyama sings and dances in the unique ha’i style of the times.
Our most recent long-term engagement was in Rouen, France taking part in the Last Chance Cabaret at the 106 venue during Armada June 2013, collaborating with Adam Traynor (stage/film director of “Ivory Tower”), Frank Fairfield (old timey 78 guru and musician), Louise Deville (acrobat/dancer), Rodolphe Berger (French indie music legend), Phillipe Beau (shadow puppeteer/magician from Robert LePage’s latest), Chilly Gonzales (pianist/entertainer), and others during the residency. Since then we have performed for Berlin Music Week festivites, opened for Septembers’ Farewell Bonaparte party, and the opening night party in Direktorenhaus for Illustrative ’13.

As musicians, we have naturally played various other forms of music, yet have formed this project to accomodate learning the Hawaiian repertoire as fans of the music. Sebastian toured and recorded as part of Terranova and Lotterboys (club/remix/dancefloor sensations) and continues mixing musical projects for Peaches (electro queen), JC Beck (Hollywood film composer), and Jamie Lidell. Patrick has long been involved in the Berlin indie music scene, touring the globe on keyboards and guitar with Barbara Morgenstern. Taylor Savvy continues making music with Bonaparte (Swiss shock pop) and has recorded/toured with various bands including Iggy Pop, Jamie Lidell, Feist, Stereo Totale, and Gonzales. Together, we three have a confidence and respect for Hawaiian sounds, and as Berliners, enjoy the healing properties of the music as an elixir for modern city life. More sunshine, please!

Hula Hut can be currently enjoyed in 2 formats: as a centerpiece act (with video installation, story-telling segments, special guests i.e.singing and hula dancing) to compliment any party or festive occassion, or as background accompaniment to any social gathering (soothing live music with a unique sound).

Hula Hut and the Seven Seas may also be hired for event organising and theatre engagements. We enjoy collaboration, and look forward to replicating island sounds from the 1920s into a joyful 2013 context. Let’s work together to bring more sunshine!

Baba Zula

photo by Antoine Maillier

Turkish Band Baba Zula has over 50 collaborators all over the world,and I am very very happy to be one of them.
On the live they also let me dance, I’m not Belly-dancer but they just make me free as if I were a bird.
BabaZula has been the best friend of Eschschloraque, where I’ve perform almost every month.
My first concert I’ve seen them was at Zoo in Berlin with the Berlin based special guitarist Alexander Hacke,
their psychedelic music and the full smell of animals, so I actually couldn’t follow it..
I started loving their performance later in 2007, when they had their first concert in Tokyo Club Quatro with
their core-collaborator Ceren Oykut and also the most beautiful Japanese belly dancer Nourah.

One day in 2011 I fall in love with a song called Cecon from the movie “Crossing The Bridge” from Fatin Akin.
It kept in my head like a tinnitus and I thought if I could sing it in Japanese.
With the kindly help by the original singer Brenna MacCrimmon,
I started to sing the song Cecon.
The Japanese Lyric is not as honest as the original Turkish lyric yet and I am still working on it,
but each time I sing the song with them it moves me so much.
One more song I’ve working on now is a song called Bir Sana Bir de Bana ( one for you, one for me).
On the CD the song was also performed by Brenna MacCrimmon.
The original text was made by Ceren Oykut‘s mother.

Upcoming and past Live

Fusion Fest 2014 Berlin, Germany
Festival Les Musicavas 2013 Givry,  France
SommerFestival der Kulturen 2013 Stuttgart, Germany
Baba Zula Live 2013  Lio Berlin, Germany
Fusion Fest 2012 Berlin, Germany

Screen shot 2015-03-11 at 20.03.39
Performance With Murat Ertel ( BabaZula )
30.08.2015 Haus Schwarzenberg Summerfest
Murat Ertel (BabaZula), Edualdo Delgado Lopez, Jens Alers, & Yuko Matsuyama
Festival Die Nächte des Ramadan CLUB SESSION.1 at ACUD Berlin
Murat Ertel, Schneider TM & Yuko Matsuyama

Murat Ertel, Yuko Matsuyama & Schneider TM Ramadan Festival Berlin 2015 Live at Acud