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Training April 2021

Dear Pilates & Dance Friends,

it’s already been more than a year since we’ve shifted our course into online. Thank you for joining, thank you for your patients, feedback and requests to support the development of our course. 

Update 18.4.2021 | 60min.ONLINE (GMT/UTC +1) Language : English

Tanzfabrik | Pilates – Conditioning&Strength
⭐︎ Monday 9:30 (Intermediate) : 19. +26. April
YOGAdelta | Pilates
!! Course with * = Re-live from Videothek
⭐︎NEW! Monday 20:15 (Leve II): 19. +26. April
⭐︎Thursday 18:30 (Level-II): 22. + 29. April
⭐︎ NEW! Friday 8:30 (Level II-III) : 23.* + 30. April
Marameo | Pilates for Dancers
⭐︎ Saturday 24. April 10:30 (upper Intermediate-Advanced)

As you might already noticed, all my courses have now different levels : 

⭐︎Beginner to early intermediate | strength exercises with less stress on wrists + stretch exercises. 
→ Pilates I-II at YOGAdelta (Thur. 18:30-19:30)

⭐︎Intermediate | If you like the Sun-salutation, this is for you.
→ Pilates II at YOGAdelta (Mon. 20:15-21:15)

⭐︎ Intermediate+ | also recommend for Yogi & Yogini who wish to develop more flexibility and strength. 
→ Pilates II-III at YOGAdelta (Fri. 20:15-21:15) 

⭐︎ Intermediate+ | for anyone who likes Pilates, Yoga and any other sports activities. Also Dance students and dance lovers often join this class. Conditioning,  flexibility & strength!  
→ Tanzfabrik (Mon. 9:30-10:30) 

⭐︎ Upper-intermediate to advanced |for who’s already acquired some strength and flexibility but wishes to maintain/develop. 
→ Pilates for Dancers at Marameo (Sat. 10:30-11:30)

Training Info 2021

Update 03.2.2021🌺60min.ONLINE (GMT/UTC +1)
Language : English

Marameo | Pilates for Dancers
(no class on 20.03)
Saturday 6., 13. + 27. March.
10:30 (upper Intermediate-Advanced)

YOGAdelta | Pilates
Monday 1.,8.,15.,22.(from Videothek) + 29. March 18:30 (Leve II)
Thursday 4.,11.,18.(from Videothek)+ 25. March 18:30 (Level-II)
Friday 5.,12.,19.(from Videothek)+ 26. March 9:00 (Level II-III)
Tanzfabrik | Pilates – Conditioning&Strength
(no class on 22.03)
Monday 1.,8.,15.+ 29. March 9:30 (Intermediate)


1.+2.March 2019 | PERTANZFORM at Tanzraum Wedding GbR3月初め、2017年から交流している振付家、アレッシオ・トレヴィサーニと、

Pertanzform - 1st edition Berlin 
• "The ritual body between memory and desire."

╔hosts: Alessio Trevisani & Yuko Matsuyama╗
╬ Valentin Schmehl & Benjamin Langholz
╬ Kenji Oi & Kosei Fukuda & Ypsilon
╬ Mona Louisa-Melinka Hempel
╬ Jannis Polyzos & Mundart
╬ maeshelle west-davies
╬ Till Mittasch & Yao Wei
╬ Mayssan Charaffedine
╬ Matteo Magnabosco
╬ Maria Ladopoulos
╬ Nolwenn Samson
╬ Jonathan Kolski
╬ Thomas Roth
╬ Manuel Meza 
╬ Eva Leemans
╬ Marie Chiotti
╬ Babacar Top
╬ Ana Cotoré
╬ Todd Ford
╬ Léon

A two-day Showing, Feast, Ceremony, Commemoration, Gala for the Performing Arts.
A two-day meeting and exchange and a professional platform for the various forms of physical expression in and out of Berlin's performance scene, open to all cultural communities, gender and people.

PERTANZFORM is designed as an “open-access” project. This means that there are no closed doors at the beginning of the event. Visitors can freely walk through the different rooms and get involved in the ritual of the program, stroll around in the large room and foyer of the TanzRaum Wedding, find a performance, watch an installation or a preparation: a live art factory. Art and culture should be shared, that’s why we do it.

More info:

2018_12_Research_A Silent Room-2


Yuko Matsuyama Research A Silent Room -Dunkelheit, Leer, Schweigen- 
Documentation 2018 - 2. 

Topic: Movement history of own family. 
Question: Use projected ‘darkness’ to stimulate the body to explore the topic? 
Reflect yourself (Movement history of own family) into the darkness, silence and emptiness. 

With | 
Ceren Oykut (Live Illustration)
Carlos Osatinsky (Improvisation) 
Fernando N.Pelliccioli (Improvisation)
Henryk Weiffenbach (camera)
Joshua Tennent (participation&feedback)
Supported by Heinrich Böll Stiftung - Kultur und Neue Medien.
Studio&Equipment support : Uferstudios Berlin (Dec.) and Tanzfabrik Berlin (Oct.)


SUICIDE HOTEL NIRWANA by Ren Saibara at Vierte Welt Berlin
Preview on 9. + 10. June, Performance 4 & 5 + 7 – 9 July


-Official Text-

Der Freitod, der im christlich geprägten Europa als Sünde gilt oder als Folge seelischer Erkrankung, ist in Japan eine ehrwürdige Geste, mit der das Ich sein Recht auf Entscheidungsfreiheit wahrnimmt.

Die philosophisch unterwanderte Science-Fiction Komödie der japanischen Regisseurin Ren Saibara greift diesen kulturellen Unterschied auf. Das Konzept des Suicide-Hotel Nirwana macht sich Foucaults Idee zu eigen und schafft einen Raum für den Freitod: Ein Start-Up sieht die Zeichen der Zeit und macht sich fernab der leistungsorientierten Gegenwart zur Aufgabe, den europäischen Markt für eine ehrwürdige Selbstbestimmung über das eigene Leben zu erschließen. Das neue Firmenkonzept will den zahlreich erwarteten Kunden das nötige Knowhow vermitteln und ihnen die Begegnung mit Gleichgesinnten ermöglichen. Ziel des Start-Up-Unternehmens ist, die positive Einstellung der Japaner zum Suizid in Europa salonfähig zu machen.  
Inspiriert und angereichert mit Fakten aus dem japanischen Bestseller „The Complete Manual of Suicide“ von Wataru Tsurumi hinterfragt das japanisch-deutsche Ensemble in „Suicide Hotel Nirwana“ ganz pragmatisch den Freitod als ästhetische und verantwortungsvolle Praxis des Lebens.


2018_05_01_Gino Robair

1.Mai 2018 Gino Robair „Neither Confirmed Nor Denied“
2018年メーデーに、アメリカの即興音楽の芸術家、Gino Robairさんのパフォーマンスに参加しました。

- Official Text-  
Neither Confirmed Nor Denied *An opera of coded information by Gino Robair; with:
Breeda CC, Myriam Doumi, Rudi Fischerlehner, Ronald Gonko, Anita Groschen, Cédric Houplin, Mareike Hube, Herman Herman, Boris Joens, Phoebee Killdeer, Jens Lowitzsch, Yuko Matsuyama, Misha Ognianer, Natalia Palshina, Lukas Pfeiffer, Theda Weber-Lucks.

Neither Confirmed Nor Denied (NCND) is a one-act opera inspired by the mysterious "number stations" heard on shortwave radio frequencies throughout the world since the late '40s. Typically, these stations broadcast a voice (human or synthesized) reading strings of numbers, and sometimes words from the International Phonetic Alphabet (e.g., Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc.). Often, the coded information is surrounded by an identifier—repeated phrases in the form of electronic tones or a looped section from a folk tune or classical work. Because of this, many stations have been given colorful names based on their identifiers—The Lincolnshire Poacher, Swedish Rhapsody, Bulgarian Betty, and Papa November, to name just a few.

It is widely believed that the stations may be providing coded messages between an intelligence service and its agents in the field. Judging by the variety of languages used in these broadcasts, it is presumed that government agencies across the globe use them. Some people speculate that many stations, if not all of them, are a decoy, distraction, or noise in the sense that there is no meaning; the stations are being used to exhaust the resources of their enemies.

NCND is inspired by the individual characteristics of such stations. But rather than make an exact replica of the stations, I analyzed them in terms of their formal structure. This was reduced to a set of basic components that could be used to code other kinds of information; in this case, the libretto for the opera.  For this event, the performers will be situated throughout the church, each with a unique score that is analogous to a number station. As these sets of instructions are carried out (aurally as well as visually) over the length of the performance, the coded story unfolds.

As with all one-time transmissions, the pages of the score will be collected and destroyed after the performance.


2018_03_Research_A Silent Room-1

Movement & Sound Improvisation Vol.9  
Research showing A Silent Room 
13/03/2018 at Eschschloraque, Berlin 


Performance | 

Projection- Live drawing | CEREN OYKUT

Projection- Visual, technical mentoring and video edit | 
Concept and Performance | YUKO MATSUYAMA

- This event is supported by the Heinrich-Böll Stiftung, as a part of Matsuyama’s research project “A Silent Room”, inspired by the presence of the emptied room at Rosenthalerstr. 39, the Museum Otto Weidt's Workshop for the Blind at Haus Schwarzenberg.
Special thanks to Karin Lenski and Christian Römer



Gagaku@Salon am Moritzplatz

On Thursday I had a special improvisation with classic composer Moritz Gagern.  It was closed event at Salon am Moritzplatz.
This time we had thema Gagaku, the Japanese classic orchestra music, which has its origin more than fifteen centuries ago. 
We’ve interested Gagaku’s outstanding relation between harmony, melody, and rhythm. We had very simple setting, a prepared-Piano, two microphon, a Looper and an Effector. 
For the last few years,  we ‚ve been performing together once in the year, 
each year we got different settings and themes, but this thema Gagaku will be the theme we’ll continue to work with.


2017_11_17 JAZZLAB – CONNECT!


Konzert und Offene Bühne
feat. Bob Rutman, Amélie Rajotte, Nelly-Eve Rajotte, Yuko Matsuyama und Nicolas Schulze

2016年にジャズミュージシャン、ニコ[Nicolas Schulze]と出会ってから、時折、コンサートやプログラムに参加させていただいています。即興だけではなく、音楽の勉強にもなるので、ジャズ音楽系のお仕事はこれからも入れたいなと思っています。

– Official Text Online –
JazzLab im November knüpft ein Band zwischen den Disziplinen und Generationen. Mit einer außergewöhnlichen Besetzung und international bekannten KünstlerInnen werden neue Verbindungen geschaffen und alte Bekanntschaften belebt: Der amerikanische und in Berlin lebende Bildhauer, Instrumentenbauer, Klangerfinder, Maler, Musiker und Zeichner Bob Rutman wurde berühmt durch seine musikalische Pionierarbeit mit dem Steel Cello, sowie seine Zusammenarbeit mit Künstlern wie Alexander Hacke, Robert Wilson und Wim Wenders u.v.a.

Die Tänzerin Amélie Rajotte und die Visual Arts Künstlerin Nelly-Eve Rajotte (Kanada) sind zurzeit in der fabrik Potsdam in Residenz.

Die japanische Musikerin und Performerin Yuko Matsuyama und der Jazzpianist Nicolas Schulze haben sich bei einer Zusammenarbeit an einer Performance über den amerikanischen Komponisten Moondog kennengelernt.

Ein Zusammenkommen ‚on-the-fly‘ und ein Dialog ohne Worte!

Die fabrik Potsdam und der Potsdamer Musiker Nicolas Schulze präsentieren die Reihe JazzLab. JazzLab ist Klanglabor und Hörwerkstatt zugleich. Unbekannte Sounds und ungehörte Arrangements werden auf das Publikum losgelassen. Den Einstieg in den Abend bildet die JazzLab-Band. Sie spielt, in Originalbesetzung, oder zusammen mit einem Gastmusiker/in, ein Eröffnungsset. Danach sind weitere Musikerinnen und Musiker eingeladen, sich auf der Bühne zu begegnen und in einer Session auszutauschen.