– 13.December: Festival Jazzoffensive#5 at fabrikPotsdam, Germany
– 15.October : Freien Tanz Ensamble//Alessio Trevisani „The Body of Salt“ at Skrei Festival in Kabelvåg, Lofoten, Norway.
– August : flausen+ Residence 
 „#44 Kollaps“ with Ren Saibara,Theater neben dem Turm (Marburg)
– May : Research Residence Associazione Kulturelle Cello Scompiglio, Lucca, Italy
 „Interbeing“ by Alessio Trevisani
– 18.April and 17.December : Visual/Sound/Movement Improvisation „Laut·ma·le·rei“, Berlin.

2010-2018 PROJECTS
Concept, Choreography, Music und Stage Design
– 2017 „SPUR [¨EN] – Between Dark and Light ”, HZT Berlin Master-Project, Uferstudios, Berlin
– 2016 „wʌn / tuː / fɔːr”, HZT Berlin, Uferstudios, Berlin 


- 2017 und 2018 „A Silent Room-Schweigen, Dunkelheit, Leer“


Performance and Staging

- 2018 Comedy “Suicide Hotel Nirwana” , Concept and Direction by Ren Seibara, Vierte Welt, Berlin 

– 2017 Music Theater Hybrid „FUCK THE FACTS” 
Direction by Christian Römer, Dramaturgy by Anna Catherin Loll, Neuköllner Oper, Berlin 

Choreography and Sound
– 2016: NIKTA Festival „Jazzlab Calebrats Moondog”, fabrik Potsdam
– 2016: Potsdamer Tanztage „A Tribute to Moondog – 1916-1999” , fabrik Potsdam
– 2011: Chamber Musik Theater “Yume tsuduku, Asa wa Berlin Kaguyahime” 
 Direction and composition by Keishi Azuma, Bayside Geihinkan Nagasaki, Japan
Dance, Sound and Voice Performance

- 2015 and 2016 Physical Theater ASTERIA ,Choreography by Christine Bonansea, DOCK11, Berlin
– 2015 Festival „Die Nächte des Ramadan”, ACUD, Berlin

- 2010 Jochen Arbeit presents – SUPERCOSY Klangwerkstatt, Eschschloraque, Berlin

Sound and Voice Performances
– 2014 „DOOFE MUSIK FESTIVAL” and „25 Jahre Haus der Kulturen der Welt“ 
 Live-Performance with Patric Catani, HKW Berlin 

– 2013 and 2014 Physical Theater “Those Golden Years” Choreography by Tomi Paasonen
 Performance with Yannis Adoniou (GR, USA), DOCK11, Berlin and ODT Theater, S.F.,USA
– 2012 – 2014 Audio-visual performance “Phonetic Fragments of one (Self)” 
 Direction by Cristina Ellias, Visual by Cesar Meneghetti, Festival Plataforma Berlin,
MIS Museu da Imagem e do Som São Paulo | MAM Museu de Arte Moderna São Paulo.

- 2012-2014 Physical Theater „ Die Ausnahme” Episode I – III, 
 Choreography and Direction by Tanzkompanie A+B Tanzbau: M. Appugliese and F. Bilbao
 Dock 11, Ballhaus Nanynstrasse, Berlin
– 2012 „WOHIN” Choreography by Mercedes Appugliese, Sophiensaele, Berlin

- 2012 Six hours Live-Installation „Mike Hentz’s TABLEAU VIVANT”, Mindpirates, Berlin


- 2018 Documentary Film INDARELLA, Direction by Ralf Scmerberg

– 2018 3D-Shadow Film ISKITAS (Post-production), Konrad Wolf Film University of Babelsberg
– 2014-2015 Short film FUKUSHIMA, Direction by Aymeric Nager, Text by Scardanelli
– 2013 Film Installation „I/O I IS OTHER” by César Meneghetti

Voice for Hörspiele | Radio Drama
Direction and Music by Christian Wittmann and Zeitblom 

– 2017 “Körperfresser”, WDR

- 2016 “Was mit uns los ist, kann doch kein Mensch verstehen”, Deutschlandradio Kultur

Collaboration || Structured-Improvisation with diverse artists in Berlin.

- Since 2010: Live-Improvisation events with diverse artists at Haus Schwarzenberg, Berlin
-Since2011 “Movement & Sound Improvisation” performance series
Co-Organisation, Concept, Performance with Carlos Osatinsky and Fernando N.Pelliccioli
– 2011-2018 Vol.1 – Vol.8
– 2018 – Vol.9 Work in Progress – A SILENT ROOM, Club Eschschloraque, Berlin
2005 – 2010 (in Japan)
Assistant choreograph, Act, Dance
Theater Productions by Yukio Ninagawa, Theatre Cocoon Shibuya, Saitama Art Theatre
– 2009 Music theater “Ame no natsu, 30nin no Juliet ga kaette kita”
– 2008 Glass Mask (Garasu no Kamen)
Tanztheater Projects by Uran Hirosaki, New National Theater Tokyo, Super Deluxe Tokyo
Revue and dance productions by Shinji Ueda, Akio Miki, Akne Muromachi and among others.
Umeda Art Theatre, Chunichi-Theatre, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

- 2008 Operetta “ The Merry Widow” by Yutaka Sado/conductor Hyogo Performing Arts Center

- 2007 Dance Show “Dancin’ Crazy”, Direction by Akio Miki, Umeda Art Thater, U-port Theatre Tokyo
– 2006 Revue Show “Dream On!” Direction by Akio Miki, Japan Tour

- 2006 Operetta “SakurakassenTanukibayashi “, Revue “Show is On 06′”, Japan Tour
 General produce by Shinji Ueda, Dirction: Revue by Akio Miki, operetta by Sumio Sakai

2002-2005 Performance (in Europe)
Tanztheater Productions by Tomi Paasonen
– 2004-2005 “MeMoRe”, Altweberei, Berlin, Ultima Festival 2005, Oslo, Finnland Festival
– 2005
- 2004 “Nahme Wieder Gabe Auf” , Dock11, Berlin
– 2003 “RE:W.O”/PAA, Dock11, Berlin
- 2001-2002 Opera: The fall of the House of Usher, KIASUMA MUSIUM, Helsinki
– 2002 Physical-Theatre productions by Tomi Paasonen

Dance and Voice

- 2003 Butoh: Company ARAKAN, Dattan-gensohfu, Gallus Theater, Frankfurt/M

- 2002 Company Salt Falm, LEDOH, „Reverberation”, 
 Headland Center for the Arts and Camp Kunst-Stoff, San Francisco


– 1989–2001 Takarazuka Revue Company, Japan, Artist name | 祐輝薫 (Yuhki Kaoru) 
Performed with many different Dance Shows, Dinner Shows, Japanese traditional style of performance, Revue and Musical, including well-known musical productions such as Me&My Girl, Grand Hotel and Elisabeth. 


2000 Berlin Performance – Friedrichstadtpalast
1998 Hong Kong Performance – Hong Kong Cultural Center
1994 London Performance – London Colosseum Theater