1.+2.March 2019 | PERTANZFORM at Tanzraum Wedding GbR3月初め、2017年から交流している振付家、アレッシオ・トレヴィサーニと、

Pertanzform - 1st edition Berlin 
• "The ritual body between memory and desire."

╔hosts: Alessio Trevisani & Yuko Matsuyama╗
╬ Valentin Schmehl & Benjamin Langholz
╬ Kenji Oi & Kosei Fukuda & Ypsilon
╬ Mona Louisa-Melinka Hempel
╬ Jannis Polyzos & Mundart
╬ maeshelle west-davies
╬ Till Mittasch & Yao Wei
╬ Mayssan Charaffedine
╬ Matteo Magnabosco
╬ Maria Ladopoulos
╬ Nolwenn Samson
╬ Jonathan Kolski
╬ Thomas Roth
╬ Manuel Meza 
╬ Eva Leemans
╬ Marie Chiotti
╬ Babacar Top
╬ Ana Cotoré
╬ Todd Ford
╬ Léon

A two-day Showing, Feast, Ceremony, Commemoration, Gala for the Performing Arts.
A two-day meeting and exchange and a professional platform for the various forms of physical expression in and out of Berlin's performance scene, open to all cultural communities, gender and people.

PERTANZFORM is designed as an “open-access” project. This means that there are no closed doors at the beginning of the event. Visitors can freely walk through the different rooms and get involved in the ritual of the program, stroll around in the large room and foyer of the TanzRaum Wedding, find a performance, watch an installation or a preparation: a live art factory. Art and culture should be shared, that’s why we do it.

More info: http://www.pertanzform.movingcells.org/