HKW_Doofe Musik Festival 08.05.2014

copyright  HKW Berlin&Laura Fiorio
HKW Berlin&Laura Fiorio

5月にハウス・デア・クルトゥーレン・デア・ヴェルト(国際文化ホール)で行われた「ステューピッド・ミュージック/Doofe Musik・フェスティバル」のオープイングアクトの様子がラジオになっていました。
Right after I return from Brazil, Patric Catani aka. Candie Hank had kindly asked me to join his opening act-
Stupid Music/Doofe Musik Festival Opening “Pocket Symphonies” at HKW Berlin.
Patric and I had made music together during 2005 or 06, we’d created some funny tunes,
actually he has been patiently continue to developing the tunes over years during I was in Japan.
And after more than 8 years we put ourselves together in his studio.
It was again very intense and funny as we had used to,
and we created the funny and stupid music again in the very happy mood.
Audio – 0:46:13
Das DOOFE MUSIK Festival im Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Eine Radiosendung zum Festival Doofe Musik vom Oberstufenzentrum Kommunikations-, Informations- und Medientechnik (OSZ KIM) Berlin-Wedding und dem Hausradio.
Stupid Music/Doofe Musik Festival Opening “Pocket Symphonies”
(other performers |
Eliav Brand, Patric Catani, John Kameel Farah, Adi Gelbart, Juliana Hodkinson, Kammerensemble Neue Musik,
Ari Benjamin Meyers, Guido Möbius, Alex Paulick, Ana Maria Rodriguez, and Zeitblom, moderated by Khan)-Info by HKW web site-
“Ringtones and audio CI have shrunk the idea of the “composition” to what must be the smallest possible unit. The musicians in this evening’s program were tasked with taking a prominent telecommunications company’s dreaded TV advertising jingle (doodle-doo-de-doo!) and blowing it up into compositions of three to five minutes in length, using means ranging from the laptop to the string quartet.”