Throughout my theater career, teaching, sharing and exchange my physical knowledge with others have been one of my important activity.
Teaching field: Pilates-based conditioning, Voice or/and Movement Improvisation

Teaching Experience

2005-2008  Modern dance workshop at Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto
2008-2009 Company training (Pilates, Ballet) for theater productions in Tokyo.     
Company training (Pilates, Ballet, Modern Dance ) at Tokyo Disney Resort.

2013 – 2015  Pilates Mat at Technische Universität Berlin, Zentraleinrichtung Hochschulsport (ZEH)
2010- Pilates based conditioning training for dancers at Tanzfabrik Berlin
2010- Pilates based conditioning training for dancers at Marameo Berlin
2016-  Private workshops on Voice & Movement Improvisation
2017-  Faculty member of the recognized education program and pre-educational program at Dancewerks Berlin

MA in Choreography at HZT Berlin (The Inter University Center for Dance Berlin) / The University of Performing Arts „Ernst Busch“, Berlin.
Pilates Certification in rehabilitation and conditioning exercise.
Pilates Mat and Equipment Level I and Level II
D.K. Body Balancing Method of Pilates (The University of Nevada, Las Vegas UNLV)
Emergency First Responce16h (first aid) at Humboldt University Berlin

Pilates based conditioning class
The essential Pilates principles are, Awareness, Concentration, Breath, Precision and Flow.
Pilates (or any) exercises with this principles can harmonize our body and mind.
My class start with some standing Warm-ups to release and refresh the body.
Then Pre-Pilates excercises to develop understanding of breath control and body position.
The main exercises are based on the original 34 exercises created by Joseph H.Pilates.
The use of the full breathing pattern opens easy access to core muscles,
and the training aims to engage core-muscles and movement to develop strength,
flexibility and energy flow throughout the entire body.

Open Class in English | | Pilates based conditioning
Pilates based conditioning on Mat with Theraband & Small-ball

TANZFABRIK Studio2 -open class-
Monday 9:30 – 11:00/90min
Trial lesson: 9€, Single class: 12€
10 card: 100€ / 30 card: 255€/ 50 card: 350€ (valid for six months)
10 Proficard(for professional dancers): 80€
Please sign-up at the office before the class begin.
more info : http://www.tanzfabrik-berlin.de/
– – – – – – – – –
MARAMEO Small studio -open class-

Saturday 10:45-12:00 (75min)
Single-class: 9€ | Try-out: 8€ | 4 classes card (valid 8 weeks): 32€
Please sign-up at the office before the class begin.

more info: http://marameo.de/

☆ Both Tanzfabrik and Marameo accept Urban Sports Club.
タンツファブリック/TANZFABRIK –オープンクラス
月曜 9
:30- 11:00/ 90分 スタジオ2
トライアル: 9€ シングルクラス: 12€
: 100€ | 30: 255€ | 50: 350€ (いずれも6ヶ月以内にご使用ください)
プロフィカード(プロフェッショナル•ダンサーのみ使用可): 10: 80€
Möckernstr.68 10965Berlin
S+U Yorckstraße
駅から徒歩約8分, U6 Mehringdamm 駅から徒歩約10
バスM19 Katzbachstraße
– – – – – – – – –
ミッテ地区 マラメオ MARAMEO
オープンクラス 初中級
土曜 10:45-12:00 
トライアル 8€ | シングルクラス 9€ | 4 回券32€(8週間内にご使用下さい)

住所: Wallstrasse 32 10179 Berlin / 門はNeue Roßstr.に面しています。
U2 Märkisches Museum
U8 Heinrich-Heine-Straße
マラメオ: http://marameo.de/ (サイトは英語とドイツ語です)
☆ どちらのスタジオも、ドイツの様々な都市で使えるダンス&フィットネス・カード「Urban Sports Club」がお使い頂けます。