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Absence of the sound of Bob Rutman

The Japanese folding-fan is one of the important tool for this research.
Use the folding-fan made me possible to visualize the movement of the air in the void spaces.
But on 20.November, as I danced with the Jazz pianist Nicolas Schulze, the absent of the Bob Rutman I felt the void the most, more than any memorials I went.

This summer, the legendary musician and painter Bob Rutman passed away.
Bob was the only person I personally knew who born as a Berliner Jew (his mother was Jew) in the NS-Regime.
We seldom talked about it and it was never the reason why I interested in his music.
But sure, he’d never forgotten the different life the ca.165’000 German Jews went.

Since 2003, I have organized many concerts with Bob to give myself chance to play with him.
The most memorable was with the Japanese Butoh dancer Mushimaru and his dancers the Physical Poets
And some time Bob and other organizer invited me to join him.
Bob’s music was like a theater, brought us from the hell to the heaven and the frequency was incredibly touchable.
He lived just around the corner of my studio and was always with beautiful ladies, artists and organizers.
I wonder how many artists I’ve met through playing with Bob. 

On 20.November at the Fabrik Potsdam, I performed the joint-concerts Potsdamer Tanztage 2021 – JazzLab – Bob Rutman Tribute
with the Jazz pianist Nicolas Schulze, cellist Munsha and Alex Dr.Dorsh, dancer Hilla Sternert and other musicians and artists.

And I brought a Japanese folding-fan.

Photo ©Henryk Weiffenbach