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Hula Hut & The Seven Seas

Hula Hut & The Seven Seas
Sebastian Müller (acoustic/electric steel guitar), Patric Arp (ukulele, acoustic guitar)
Taylor savvy ( acoustic guitar, bass) , Yuko Matsuyama ( vocal)


21.March 2015
Hula Hut & the Seven Seas
DJ Sheila Chipperfield Jnr

10.April 2014
19 Jahre Eschschloraque! Geburtstagsparty!
Live  Hula Hut & the Seven Seas 

Dj: Ann M. Cazal (Brouqade)
Breaks on Voyage

Venue Eschschloraque

Live : Hula Hut and the Seven Seas

DJ Umo Parker

Hula Hut and the Seven Seas

Aloha! Hula Hut & The Seven Seas zaubern Sonne ins Herz und ein Lächeln
auf die Lippen!
Im traditionellen Setup der 1920/30er (Steel Guitar, Guitar, Ukulele)
spielen Hula Hut längst vergessene Hits aus der Blütezeit der
Hawaiianischen Musik. Mit abwechslungsreichen Repertoire spannt die Band
den Bogen von mitreissenden Instrumental-Klassikern bis hin
zuatemberaubend schönen Vokalnummern, die von Yuko Matsuyama im Stile
der grüßen Hawaiianischen Gesangskünstler vorgetragen werden.
Let the sunshine in!
Hula Hut and the Seven Seas plays Hawaiian music for parties, events and
private gatherings.
We are unique as a trio performing traditional music from the 1920-30s
with a focus on the long-lost sounds of the great steel guitar groups,
with selections of classics as originally recorded by Sol Hoopii, King
Benny Nawahi, Jim and Bob (The Genial Hawaiians) and many others.

The group has been performing throughout Berlin since 2011, and consists
of Sebastian Müller (acoustic/electric steel guitar), Patrick Arp
(ukelele, acoustic guitar) and Taylor Savvy (acoustic guitar, bass).
Our most recent member Yuko Matsuyama sings and dances in the unique
ha’i style of the times.
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/hula-hut
Facebook www.facebook.com/hula.hut.58