Dis Tanz Solo III : The Culture of Remenbrance as an environment?

Research : Movement and tonality of the void spaces – 14. July
From the list of the memorials and museums of the culture of remembrance in Berlin written in the book ‘Orte erinnern (Places remember )’ by Johannes Heesch and Ulrile Braun, I picked up the places I already went.

– Denkmal zur Erinnerung an die Bücherverbrennung
– Die Bernhard Lichtenberg Kapelle in der St.-Hedwigs Kathedrale
– Neue Wache
– Museum Blindenwerkstatt Otto Weidt
– Sammellager Großer Hamburger Straße
– Der verlassene Raum
– The Missing House
– Neue Synagoge
– Gedenkstätte Plätzensee
– Bahnhof Grünewald, Gleis 17
– Jüdisches Museum Berlin
– Stolpersteine

As a Japanese, moving to Berlin I have quite surprised by the huge amount of the memorials and objects in town which are commemorate the Holocaust in the time of the Nazi-Germany. If I weren’t in Berlin, I had’t had so much attention over the history of WWII.

My studio is located in the historic district Spandauer Vorstadt / Spandauer Quarter, the neighborhood carry many histories of Berliner Jews.
One day as I walked around my studio I took some photo of few memorials. All those places are no more than 800m away from my studio. As I started my master study at HZT Berlin, I first time realized how all those places became a part of my daily life.

– Große Hamburger Straße –
You’ll see the golden dome of the Synagogue.

The Missing House

Memorial for the collection point and the Jewish old cemetery.
The Sophien Church and the traces of bullets.

I never knew before, there were another Synagogue in Auguststraße 10.

Memorial, The abandoned room at the Koppemplatz
You can see how the table and chair made in a slightly bigger scale.