DisTanzSolo III : Research : Movement and tonality of the void spaces

Visiting a place is a subjective experience – in other words, an experience that feels differently depending on the person-  that goes through its physical and sensory qualities.

Whether creating sound or movement, the process of transferring a personal experience into an artistic expression I recognize my own sight while find a new perspective towards the object. 

In 2018, supported by the Heinrich Böll Foundation I had an artistic research about the hide-out of The museum Otto Weidt’s Workshop for the Blind . The small, windowless dark room of the museum was my first encounter with the Erinnerungskultur, the Culture of Remembrance.

The theater director Boris von Poser as my research mentor, I’ll visit the following three memorials and further sites of the Culture of Remembrance. I’ll collect the stories of the lives of the survived people and their families today, create movement and vocal sketches.
Receiving mentorship from Boris von Poser mean to me not only about getting practical information and suggestions, but I think it is also about getting ethical guidance for my research.     

Intended place to visit
– The concentration camp memorial Auschwitz-Birkenau (PL)
– The Herzogenbusch Concentration Camp (NL) 
Terezín Memorial (CZ) – changed to ↓
– The memorial and museum Sachsenhausen
– – The memorial Bergen-Belsen

* The plan has been changed due to the current pandemic situation and the effect of the performance and project schedules postponed from 2020.

The purpose of this research is collecting the information related to the Erinnerungskulture / the Culture of Remembrance, visiting the historic sites and investigate the roll of void/emptiness in the spaces, to prepare for my future project.    

The silence of those void spaces gives us the space to imagine a time we haven’t experienced, and consider the time in which we live. 
And in this research I hope to find my way to listen to the spaces.  

updated on 25.August.