Dis Tanz Solo III – Improvisation Void

Research : Movement and tonality of the void spaces – 18.August

Topic : How improvisation can direct towards a theme, and what we need for?

In the end of July I had 1 week break to join a pre-production research at fabrik Potsdam.
The local jazz musician Nicoas Schulze invited three of us, choreographer Michal Hirsch (Tel-Aviv), saxophonist Alexander Beierbach (Berlin) and me to take the opportunity, 6 hours x 7 days improvisation research.

During the research in Potsdam, I became clear about my necessity of collaboration research beside already planned solo sketches for this research. So I invited my long year collaborators, dance artists Fernando Pelliccioli and Carlos Osatinsky, also the guitarist Joshua Tennent.

At first I asked Carlos and Fernando to give us warmup, to let us ready for the non-verbal, intuitive communication of improvisation in the space. Then we discussed about the theme Void and we had three improvisation on the day.

The words we had on the day.

– I don’t know what empty is
– what do you project into the void space?
– the space between
– absense
– I don’t see you
– ignore
– no one see you
– Anui = emptiness, cancel

Those words ware there to help us to be in a space together, not for confrontal.

Improvisation is a real-time, pure communication with what we offer in the space.
The color, light and shadows or any little sound, all what we hear and see in the room will interweave with our imagination and influence on our performance.
And as you can’t control how I listen and see the atmosphere around us, we can’t predict how others would react to what you do.
What then we need to be able to create an common ground, as Carlos & Fernando call ‘atmosphere of trust’ between us, where we could explore the theme we have?
Since the chemistry between people are all individual, we have to spend more time together to find this out.

In September I’d like to discuss with my mentor Boris for the topic.

Improvisation : Void