Das Ende des Helden _ demo tracks

copy right Boris von Poser
copy right Boris von Poser

  Monday 15th December was the last show of A+B Tanzbau
“Die Ausnahme Episode III – Das Ende des Helden” 
 We had really good luck with PA(sound technicians) Vicki Schmatolla & Ludwig, with their good help and our trust on them,
we could try all the things we wanted. Thank you thank you!!! 
And also thank for the audiences and the people from the theater Ballhaus Naunynstrasse.

 THEN, right after the show has done me & my co-musician Moritz Gagern brought all the material into his studio to record some demo on. 
 Here is the result of our Tuesday to Friday session/demo.

The tracks are composed and performed by Moritz Gagern & Yuko Matsuyama,
with the help of tips, requests,comments from Mercedes Appugliese & Florian Bilbao, Boris von Poser, and team A+B Tanzbau. 
Our dramaturge Boris von Poser gave us the photo.
Thank you Boris!