Why? why only less than 5km drive from France, they have such a rich and nice Cafe & Cake culture???  1562_Mouscron

This is the last church photos…
My family is Buddhist and also Shintoist as a lot of people is Japan.
We have various and uncountable Gods,Goddesses, Saints, and others, for me the both religion are little
mixed up and confusing, I never really understood and not care about it.
I just love to travel in Japan,everywhere there are temples and shrines for the uncountable Gods and spirits,
and I can have a quiet time for find the sacred places in the middle of city.  
I was kindly surprised to realize in Europe, that there are so many beautiful (sometime horrifying) churches
even in the tiny tiny towns but the churches are of course for “God”, Maria, and Jesus.
But still, I like to visit there and check the artisan’s art works, sing a little to enjoy acoustics,and say hallo to
Maria & Jesus and local saints.
During this trip, my partner and friends know me about that and though they are totaly not religious
but they let me visit some sacred places . thanks.
その地をお仕事で訪れる事が出来たご縁に感謝のご 挨拶をしていました。ヨーロッパに来て、キリスト教の
それでも、何処かに行く度に、昔の職人技の結晶である教会を訪ねるのを 楽しみにしています。音響効果も素晴らしい
We are on the way to Berlin, haven’t plan to visit any places, but the church carillon
started ringing as we park car, so we went.
以前、英語を教えて頂いていたグリーン先生がプラハのお見上げに下さった赤ちゃんキリストさんが居ました。 1556_Mouscron
I first time saw the picked Maria.
Why? some how i can always find sacred statues in such painful posture in church…???
1555_MouscronThey had old hand pushing stile organ,was interested to see.
ここでは古いタイプの人力のオルガンが在りました。 1551_Mouscron 1550_Mouscron 1547_Mouscron 1557_Mouscron 1554_Mouscron 1553_Mouscron 1552_Mouscron