2017_09_13_Fuck the facts

Musik Theater : Fuck the facts
Concept/Stage Direction: Christian Römer 
Text: Anna Catherin Loll | Video:Mario Simon | Choreography: Yuko Matsuyama | Set/Costume Design: Grit Wendicke
Featuring: Allen Boxer, Hrund Ósk Árnadóttir, Angela Braun, Mario Klischies und Bijan Azadian

-Official Text-
A MusicTheaterHybrid by Anna Catherin Loll, Georg Friedrich Händel, Mario Simon, Bijan Azadian, Yuko Matsuyama and Christian Römer

World Premiere 13 September 2017

Riders on the Shitstorm
Welcome to the age of self-empowerment. Just switch on your computer and twitter, post, troll, and hate away. Boss is base. Self-entitlement worldwide: that has been the credo of the virtual space riders of the artichoke cult since day one. Their enemies are evil dictators and inhuman regimes; their friends are the artichoke community and supporters. Their motto: make the internet great again.

But what happens if the artichokes start attacking one another? If their compass is no longer calibrated? To make a pile of ashes from a forest, it only takes only a cigarette. To make the internet burn it takes only a tweet. No matter if fake, if fact, or fiction? Irrelevant, out in the open it goes! Hugh, I spoke. I don’t require counter arguments. I am already a democrat. Fuck the facts, you’re not my dad! May the enemy scorch in the purgatory of my projections. Burn, baby, burn!

As an artist collective we contemplate the value of facts within our society. Our fictional narrative is (also) set in the middle of Berlin. Informed by a true incident of messianic hope for salvation and tribal justice inside the global village. We ask: who speaks out there for the privatized court of the internet. Who are the self-proclaimed cyber sheriffs? And why have they brought a giant wooden horse?