13.12.2014… little about A+B Tanzbau – Die Episode III

We got premier on Thursday.

There are some fotos in the Theater Link. It’ll run until Monday and if you have time,
Please come to visit us!
Ballhaus Naunynstrasse – Die Ausnahme Episode III

I join the dance company A+B tanzbau as a musician/performer since the company’s first piece in
2012. This is our third piece.
Mercedes & Florian got an idea changing the creating process for the piece.
If i compare with the last piece, it was much playful, and in the same time very challenging difficult
process we have tried.
Die Ausnahme Episode II last year, we had written script and scenes, and theater set was a room
with big walls and a bed/over 40 cushions. It was like a closed room.
And music had to done following the script and movements they created, was, as usual, not easy.
For example, I don’t know how many hours my co-musician Moritz Gagern had to spend to
compose just a short piano solo, fixing with all the tiny movements.
And this time, Florian & Mercedes got the idea that we kept our creative process open and playful as
far as we could, no walls, no script, and the Dancers and Musicians should be stay in the parallel
world. Creating a parallel and polyphonic world with dance and music has been my big interest since
2011, but, this “keep it open” process was for me not easy, my curiosity got the better of fear but not easy.. 
As soon as someone start fixing something, other said “non non non!, we should play little more!”.
And this kind process brought me and Moritz in special friendly and funny tension, we play so much in fun indeed.
I got often nervous feeling, ” can we really bring this piece done before the premier?”
Moritz and me got very heavy last spurt in the last 2 weeks, but also there are moments, things very
very quickly done, also I was try to imagine me as a genius kid, not a person over 40 who knows how the things should be done or so.

I had to think, I’m a freelancer, why I so often put myself into a tiny box to drive me into creation?
What’s happen if I work in this process more often? 

Florian and Mercedes’s requests for music ware often funny like “dadadadadada, and then,
chya, chya, chya, and the music goes “gogogogogogoggo…..!” , we got like “…….”,  next to us
our dramaturge Boris stand in a smile, and gives us a small tip what he think about..
There were some more tings but I got to go theater soon and put my fingers off the keyboard.

Love love love.
Big Thank to the Beautiful theater, all the creative team , Mercedes & Florian,
and since i know hw i’m terrible person to work with, thanks to Moritz.