Dis-Tanz-Solo III – Voice and its resonance

Research : Movement and tonality of the void spaces – 21. June

In June, the Gallery Neurotitan in Haus Schwarzenberg kindly allowed to enter into the empty gallery.
It was quiet, but as I spent more time alone, I recognized many different sounds in- and around the empty room.

空間を聴く - listen to the space
– keep open your eyes and listen to the space
– what kind of sound you hear?
– where the sound comes from?
– can you recognize where the sound comes from?
– can you see the things produce the sound?
– can you measure the distance of the object(s) create the sound?

空間を見る - observe the space
– observe the light and shade in the space
– is the shadows have color?

空っぽの空間と私 I in the empty/void space
– Q : are you a part of the void?

Then I started voicing in the space, listened to the resonance.