Dis Tanz Solo III – The air and the Japanese folding fan

Research : Movement and tonality of the void spaces – 23.August

空間を感じる Experience the space Kuh-Kan
「空 / void, empty, sky」「間 / space, in between, a moment」

Their is the air in a space

How to touch the air through movement?
How to move the air and move through the air in a space?

Japanese Folding Fan / Mai Ohgi  

– It has 6 – 12 shafts.
– it is paper fan with 2 small iron weights attatched to the last shafts.
– the 2 weights on the shafts allow the dancer’s hands to precisely perceive the air resistance on the surface of the fan.
– dancer is asked to control the movement of the fan and own body using the air resistance and the force of the gravity.
– it is observed as an extension of the dancer’s body.