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Yuko Matsuyama is a Japanese performing artist, residence in Berlin, Germany.
She was born in Kyoto in 1972. She started Japanese classical dance Buyoh in her infancy, and spent her youth for perform with the Musical and Revue theatre Takarazuka Revue in Japan. In 2001 she became a freelancer.
Her performance is mainly focused on the interface between sound and movement. Since 2010 she organize a open-platform-performance at Club Eschschloraque. One of her collaboration-project Movement & Sound Improvisation has been shown at micamoca-project Berlin, and gallery Neurotitan at Haus Schwarzenberg Berlin.
As a sound artist, she’s performed with Tomi Paasonen ( Co-director of KUNST-STOFF  Productions, and Artistic Planner and Curator for ITAK- Regional Dance Centre of Easter Finland ), Uran Hirosaki ( neoREVO/Tokyo ), Dance Company A+B Tanzbau. Her recent work with Cristina Elias and César Meneghetti has shown at 55th Venezia biennale, The São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound, and MAXXI-National Museum of the 21st Century Arts Italy. As a vocalist she collaborate with international artists such as Murat Ertel ( BabaZula ), Jochen Arbeit ( Einstuerzende Neubauten, AUTOMAT ),  Schneider TM, and the Berliner Hawaiian Band, Hula Hut & The Sven Seas.
Currently she study MA Choreograhy under Prof.Wanda Golonka, Prof.Ingo Reulecke, Dr. Christiane Berger, and Susanne Vincenz, at HZT – Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin ( Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts ).
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Performance  – exception

Dance piece ASTERIA choreographed by Christine Bonancea at Dock11 Berlin
26- Mai
Potsdamer Tanztage “A Tribute to Moondog” (1916 – 1999)
30. Sep.
NIKTA Festival „Jazzlab celebrates Moondog“
Dance piece ASTERIA choreographed by Christine Bonancea at Dock11 Berlin
Festival Ramadan Nights at ACUD Berlin :
         Collaborate with Murat Ertel aka BabaZula and Schneider TM
Movement & Sound Improvisation 8th collaboration
   20 Janre Haus Schwarzenberg at neurotitan, Berlin
Phonetic Fragments of one (Self) at Ada Studio * third performance
Feb. Martin Dean Album “Dr.Blue and Mr.Gold” The MUSIC Agents 2015
Performance 2014 – exception

December 12th -16th A+B Tanzbau “Ausnahme Episode 3″
June  Movement & Sound Improvisation 7th collaboration DESCARADOS
May + Oct. POCKET SYMPHONIES – with Patric Catani at HKW Berlin
  (Mai : “DOOFE MUSIK FESTIVAL” , Oct. : 25 Jahre Haus der Kulturen der Welt)
April   Fragmentos fonéticos de um (si) by Cristina Ellias
20. April  Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo -Museum of the Modern Art
26. April  Museu da Imagem do Som de São PauloMuseum of the Image and Soundin São Paulo, Brazil
rêmio funarte mulheres nas artes visuais 2013
Performance 2013 – exception   

May 30 to November 24 -Film Exhibition “I/O è altro” by César Meneghetti
Sound design with Matthew Mountford       Venue | Kenya pavilion 55 INT. ART EXHIBITION LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA
November 8   Those Golden Years KUNST-STOFF Dance Company 15thYear Retrospective Anniversary Season
Direct, Choreograph: Tomi Paasonen  Venue : ODC Theater SF.US.
October 29 FESTIVAL Soundcheck philosophie #3  Lecture performance by Researcher Monika Jaeckel
July 29 Transartfest 2013 – Lecture performance by Researcher Monika Jaeckel
(Solo Structure improvisation | Physical representation of the lecture.)
September 27 – Phonetic Fragments of one (Self)“, Direction: Cristina Elias
Sound design with Leigh Jonathan Thomas – Plataforma Berlin Dance Festival
August 17 – MANIFEST-UNMANIFEST – Sound&Movement Improvisatin Dance and vocal | with Künstlerkollektiv
– Ute Pliestermann, Carlos Osatinsky, Fernando Nicolás Pelliccioli, Linda Mantcheva (Callo)
June 20-23 Die Ausnahme 2 – Physical-theater – Berlin Theater&Studio DOCK11 Sound design and live performance | Direct, Choreograph A+B Tanzbau Mercedes d.R. Appugliese and Florian Bilbao
January 4-12 OILEIOTITA/The Intimacy project&Those Golden Years
– two pyhysicaltheater by KUNST_STOFF Dance Company and PAA – Berlin Theater&Studio DOCK11 Sound design and live performance for the two piece | Direction and Choreograph – Yannis Adoniou, Tomi Paasonen
Februaly 14-23, June 20-23 Die Ausnahme 2 – Physicaltheater – Berlin Theater&Studio DOCK11 Sound design and live performance | Direction and Choreograph by A+B Tanzbau Mercedes d.R. Appugliese and Florian Bilbao, Co-sound designer Moritz Gagern
December 19 Cabaret Avignon
– one man cabaret – Berlin Eschschloraque Choreograph and live performance with 12 masks and 9 costumes | Design,sound and live performance by Jim Avignon

September 28-29 WOHIN – Lucky Trimmer Tanz Performance Serie 17 – Berlin Theater Sophiensaele Sound design and live performance for a solo dance piece of Mercedes del Rosario Appugliese.
August 17 Hanging from the Earth Butoh Performance – Berlin Theater&Studio EDEN Sound design and live performance | Direct, Choreograph – Minako Seki
August 9-12 Stoffwechsel – Metabolism / San Francisco Physical-theater – Berlin Theater&Studio DOCK11 Sound design and live performance | Choreograph – Tomi Paasonen
May 25-27 A+B Tanzbau Dance performance night – Berlin Theater&Studio DOCK11 Sound design and live performance |Choreograph and performance – Mercedes del R. Appugliese and Florien Bilbao
May 26 Mindpirates present: Mike Hentz’s TABLEAU VIVANT Six hours collaboration live installation of Mike Hentz – Vocal loop.
March 31 Platform Project – Improvisation performance as a symbolic performance for the event. A night to the occasion of the first anniversary of the triple catastrophe in northeastern Japan – Berlin Gallery Neurotitan Performance and sound design. Collaborate with Hironori Sugata, Carlos Osatinsky, Fernando Nicolás Pelliccioli Ayako Toyama, Mercedes del Rosario Appugliese
February 4. Movement&Sound Improvisation 日常茶飯 /Nichijou sahan -Pan de cada día– Performance and sound design, collaborate with Mercedes del Rosario Appugliese Ayako Toyama Monthly live performance at club Eschschloraque – with various collaborators
Chamber music Theater Yume tsuduku, Asa wa Berlin Kaguyahime
Director | Keishi Azuma Venue | Bayside Geihinkan Nagasaki Japan. Typ of work | Solist – vocal and act

Sound&Movement Imrpvisation : SHRITORI with Künstlerkollektiv Venue |Gallerie Neurotitan
Sound&Movement Improvisatin: MADZARU Vol.1,Vol.2 with Künstlerkollektiv Venue| Micamoca-project berlin

AlbumProduction  The Trino Scale
– by Xaver von Treyer    Lebel |Supersoul Recordings

AlbumProduction  JAPANESE-3 – Benefit Compilation for Japan, with Patric Catani Lebel | Whatpeopleplay
Jochen Arbeit presents SUPERCOSY klangwerkstatt -Musiktheater: Venue | Eschschloraque Berlin
Bob Rutman Steel Cello Ensamble -Experimentral Sound Performance:Venue | Eschschloraque Berlin
neoRevo TEARS Tanztheater: Choreograph| Uran Hirosaki, Venue| Super Deluxe Tokio
Revo PARADICE-Tanztheater: Director | Uran Hirosaki, Venue | New National Theater Tokio
Theater: Ame no Natsu,30nin no Juliet ga kaette kita Direction | Yukio Ninagawa, Venue| Theater Cocoon,Tokyo Typ of work | Acting, dance, and assitant for choreograph
Direktor. Führung| Yutaka Sado Venue | Hyogo Performing Arts Center

Musik Theater: Garasu no Kamen Regisseur| Yukio Ninagawa , Venue | Saitama Arts Theater Typ of work | Acting, dance, and assitant for choreograph
Tanztheater: neorevo DOLCE VITA Choreograph| Uran Hirosaki, Ort | Super Deluxe Tokio
Revue: DREAM ON – Japan Tour Direktion | Akio Miki
Show: DANCING CRAZY – Tokio und Osaka Tour    Direction | Akio Miki
/ Berlin Japan Now 2005 with | Yui Kawaguchi venue |Theaterhaus Mitte,Berlin

Tanztheater: MeMoRe,
2004-2005 Choreography | Tomi Paasonen Venue | Altweberei, Berlin, Ultima Festival, Oslo, and Finland Festival 2005  Typ of work | Dance

Live tour: TERRANOVA / Synchfest, Athens, Greece, Typ of work | Guest Vocal
Live: Bumblebee / Lange Nacht Museen in Zwinger, Dresden, Typ of work | Vocal
Tanztheater Nahme Wieder Gabe Auf Choreography |Tomi Paasonen Venue | Dock11,Berlin
Tanztheater: “RE:W.O”/PAA
, Direction |Tomi Paasonen    Venue | Dock11, Berlin Typ of work | Performance, dance, and Assistant Butoh: Dattan-gensohfu mit Butoh Company ARAKAN Venue |Gallus Theater, Frankfurt/M    Typ of work | Dance and Vocal

Opera: The fall of the House of Usher- Direction |Tomi Paasonen Venue | KIASUMA MUSIUM, Helsinki    Typ of work | actor
Butoh: “Reverberation”
Choreograph Salt Falm, Ledoh Venue |Headland Centerfor the Arts, and Camp Kunst-Stoff, San Francisco

1989 – 2001 Takarazuka Revue Theater                      
Takarazuka is one of the best beloved Musical and Revue Theater in Japan and Asia. Compare to the traditional Kabuki- theater,    It is a all-female theater. They have around 350 female performers separated by 5 troupes,(half of the female performer take a male part and ) two main theaters in the west japanese city „Takarazuka“ and in Tokyo, both theater with own orchestra team, touring all around japan and occasionally foreign countries with Both original and Broadway Musicals, Revue, dance shows,and drama. And Yuko (stage name Yuuki Kaoru) had been taking the male role over 13 years, joined London, Hong Kong, and Berlin (Friedlichstadtpalast), performed as a main dancer.

2015 –
MA Choreography at HZT – Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin and The Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts

2007/2008    Pilates/ DK Body Balancing Method mit Dolly Kelepecz. The U.N.L.V. Dance Department
Since 2001 Ballett with Hitomi Kobayashi. Yvonne Vendrig, Marion Buchmann and Edwin Mota,
Contemporaly Ballett with Tomi Paasonen,
1987-2001 Graham Technik with Akiko Kanda
1987-1989 Musical Study at the Takarazuka Music School, it is a special school for Musical, Revue, and Traditional Theater performance. In the TMS, students study various styles of Western and Japanese dance, the piano, acting, vocals, English, tea ceremony, and various other things. 1981-1986 Takarazuka Kodomo Athena (Vocal music, Ballett, Nihon Buyoh)
1974-2000 Nihon Buyoh /Japanische Traditional Dance with Hujima Kankyohmi

Internship with Tomi Paasonen/PAA
-“PAA., Mega Hz” Tanztage at Sophiensaelen, Berlin
-“OLOTILA” at STOA Cultural Center of Eastern Helsinki FINLAND -“SUPER VISION” at Cowell Theater, San Francisco USA

Teaching Experience                                                                                                              
Company training Pilates and Ballet at the Theme-Park Tokyo Disney Resort.

2010- Pilates training at dance studios -Tanzfabrik Berlin and Marameo Berlin
2013-2015 Pilates training at Technische Universität Berlin, Zentraleinrichtung Hochschulsport (ZEH)
Yuko Matsuyama | Performerin (tanz, gesang, klang).
Yuko begann schon in ihrer Kindheit durch ihre Mutter, der Tanzmeisterin des klassischen japanischen Nihon Buyoh Tanzes, ihre Ausbildung. Später studierte sie in der Musical und Revue Akademie und wurde nach einigen Jahren Mitglied der Musiktheatergruppe Takarazuka Revue (Japan). Sie tourte mit zahlreichende Shows – unter anderen Me&My Girl, Grand Hotel (Tommy Tune), und Elisabeth – durch Japan und im Ausland. Seit 2001 ist sie als freischaffende Performerin tätig und konzentriert sich seitdem auf zeitgenössische Performance–Darbietungen: Tanztheater, Improvisation, Klang- und Vocalperformance, und interkulturelle musikalische Projekte. Seit 2011 organisiete sie eine konzeptionelle performance Reihe „Movement & Sound Improvisation“. Neben verschiedenen Tanzprojekte, unter anderem mit Tomi Paasonen, Uran Hirosaki (Tokio), Tanzkompanie A+B Tanzbau, spielte sie auch mit verschiedenen Musikern zusammen: Jochen Arbeit (Einstürzende Neubauten), Patric Catani, Murat Ertel (BabaZula, Istanbul), Bob Rutman, Schneider TM, und Hula Hut & The Seven Seas.
Zur Zeit studiert sie an der Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch in Berlin den Studiengang MA Choreographie.
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