At the Tanzfabrik Wedding St.5

Due to the Netherlands’ new Covid19 restriction concerning the variant B.1.1.529, the Omicron,
I had to postpone ( eventually canceled ) my trip to the Camp Vught National Memorial, the former Herzogenbusch concentration camp.
And I decided to spend the budget and time to create two solo video, as the final results of this research.  
On Monday 13.December I went to the Jewish Museum in Berlin to experience the architect and the following Tuesday I went to the studio.

As soon as I entered to the Studio 5. at the Tanzfabrik/Uferstudios, the vast emptiness embraced me.  
The technical adviser Martin Pilz kindly helped me to set up the lights and on the third day
my partner and photographer Henryk Weiffenbach helped me for set the camera for filming.   

The Void Spaces: 2 short solo

There was nothing left in those spaces, nor smell nor trace.
In the silence of the void spaces, I stared at the empty space as if looking for an object, and I
strained my ears to hear the voices and music that are no longer there.
At the empty spaces, the air was the only object I was allowed to touch.
For this two solo, I move through the space with a Japanese folding-fan, to touch, move and
follow the movement of the air.

Solo A, Recalling Memories (working title)
Sound : Koa Lament (Ukulelezaza) //ca.1.5min.
Plot :
At the memorials and other sources I’ve read many personal stories of the victims.
For most of the people, although their freedom had already been restricted slowly and steadily,
the day, the end of their happiness came suddenly.
If today’s happiness was suddenly taken away from you tomorrow, what and how long would
you be able to remember it? If it were me, I would remember the happiness not by shape or
colour, but by its sensation, and I probably repeatedly remember the lost happiness again and
For this solo, I improvise with a choreography and make a video collage out of five repetitions.
A sensation of happiness to be recalled again and again.

Solo B, About the Darkness (working title)
Sound: A Silent Room (Joshua Tennent) //ca. 3min.
This is inspired by the Holocaust-Turm by Daniel Libeskind. The overwhelming, the absolute
atmosphere of the tower had many times reminded in me when I visited other empty spaces in the memorials.
I thought that the sins committed in those now empty places are as incomprehensible as the deepest darkness,
a total darkness that could not be overturned by anyone.

Darkness is the void of light, and without a source of light, colours do not appear to our eyes.
If colour can be subjectively translated into movement and sound, what kind of movement and sound can describe the darkness?
An improvisation with movement motifs. 

Venue: Tanzfabrik Wedding at Uferstudios