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Moritz Gagern & Yuko Matsuyama
– Sound Performance –
Experimental Sound Performance with :
Windgongs, Guitar, Voice&Vocal, Soundscapes.
Duration: 45minutes -1h, no intermission

Haze Oddity is a Berlin based duo of two musicians/composers/performers
from different backgrounds, who met as part of the dance company A+B Tanzbau and now continue to create their original musical language together.
Yuko Matsuyama, a Japanese dancer and singer, lives in Berlin since 2010 and has been working in theatre since she was seventeen years old. She has developed a unique style and technique of mixing voice and acoustic sounds and forging them live into a complex but light choir of surprising sounds.
Moritz Gagern, a German composer, has been working in theatre since 2001.
Outside of the theatre he has realised solo projects, orchestra concerts with visual aspects. Apart from abstract composition he also has been experimenting with song and opera. Since 2010 he has written and performed several concerts that were dealing with the chinese windgong as a main instrument, one of them
a concert for fifty windgongs.
After having collaborated for two dance/tanztheater pieces, the two have founded Haze Oddity in 2014. The band is developing a common new language. Both composers share the tendency to combine live music with visual and theatrical aspects. Their first concert project See You Next Year plays with the encounter of
voice and windgong, twenty windgongs being played in many ways, responding layers of voices, sounds generated from tools and instruments, and electric guitar. Abstract structures meet with isolated elements of rock music, poetic musical spaces and clear moments of melody.

The concert installation takes place in the centre of the room, the audience will be seated along the four walls. The windgongs are hanging across the space, the two musicians will perform in changing positions for playing different gongs and instruments. See You Next Year is an album about time and space and about forces that travel beyond time and space. Across several songs and song-like structures, it tells a story that is inspired by a Japanese myth about the encounter of East and West.
Music Sample
More Detail PDF file –  HAZE ODDITY_2015

Hier you can find one of their sound track, for the video Aymeric Nager.