As you might already know, cultural events have been cancelled until 19.April (Germany). 
Organizers and we artists have taking the decision serious,
reduce the activity and hoping for early settlement of the COVID-19.
Hope to see us soon!
I wish you and your family, friend’s in safe and happiness.
31.Mar. 2020 Au Topsi Pohl Live with TWIRLS & Ceren Oykut
10.Apr. 2020 Eschschloraque 25 Years Live
19. April 2020 HulaHut&The Seven Seas Live feat.Ukulelezaza
Apr.2020 Performance project by Alessio Trevisani, Italy.


13. Dec. Festival Jazzoffensive at Fabrik Potsdam
17. Dec. Improvisation Laut·ma·le·rei at Eschschloraque

16.Nov. Improvisation: Potsdamer Wohnzimmerkonzert with TWIRLS

18.April 2019: Music/Visual/Improvisation „Laut·ma·le·rei“ at Eschschloraque
26 Feb. 2019 | Movement&Sound Improvisation vol.10 „124LAB“ at Club Eschschloraque
15.March 2019 | JazzLab at fabrikPotsdam with: Nicolas Schulze: Piano+Fender Rhodes Alexander Beierbach: Sax  & Yuko Matsuyama: Vocal&Dance
10.01.2018 Let’s Do Some Music with Bob Rutman Vol.6
1.Mai 2018 Gino Robair „Neither Confirmed Nor Denied“ Venue:Tabor Church, Berlin
Fr.17.Nov.2017 Multimedia live concert  JAZZLAB – CONNECT! Venue: Fabric Potsdam

MUSIC LIVE | HULA HUT & THE SEVEN SEAS 21.Dec. Concert series PLAY DATE at FELD Theater //Concept Boris Hauf
30.Nov. Winter in Hawai’i at Eschschloraque
29.Nov. Ukulelezaza Welcome Session at Göttin der Weisheit
21.Nov. HulaHut Live at Opening Die Ganze Freiheit
3.Aug.2019 FIT Berlin
27.Juli.2019 7th Czech Ukulele Festival
5.Apr.2019 at Göttin der Weisheit, Berlin
07.Dez.2018 at NachbarschaftsEtage Fabrik Osloer Straße
24.Aug.2018 Tiki an der Tanke at FIT Berlin
6.Jun.2018 Performing Art Festival Berlin 2018 Opening Party at SO36 Berlin
21.May 2018 Ukulele Festival Dortmund
5.May 2018 Lindenberg, Brandenburg

Summer 2019 | Dance: Flausen Art Residency #44 Kollaps  
Theater neben dem Turm, Marburg //Concept Ren Saibara
Autumn 2018 | Research – A Silent Room
Spring 2018 | Research – A Silent Room
13.March 2018 | Research presentation – A Silent Room Movement & Sound Improvisation Vol.9

15.Oct.2019 | Dance:“The Body of Salt“ Alessio Trevisani//Freies Tanz Ensemble
at Skrei Festival in Kabelvåg, Lofoten, Norway.
Summer 2019 | Dance: della morte del morire Alessio Trevisani//Freies Tanz Ensemble
Associazione culturale dello Scompiglio,Capannori (Lucca, Italy)
4 & 5 + 7 – 9 July 2018 | SUICIDE HOTEL NIRWANA at Vierte Welt Berlin
Konzept und Regie: Ren Saibara Performance: Yuko Matsuyama, Ikko Masuda, Jasper Tibbe

Premier 13. September 2017. –  20. Oktober 2017
MusikTheaterHybrid FUCK THE FACTS   By : Christian Römer(Direction)

Fri.1.Sep + Sat.2.Sep 2017:  FARBE/COLOUR BAUHAUSFEST 2017
Bauhaus Dessau Dance&Co-Choreography/Mercedes R. Appugliese.
10. + 11. June .2017 : SPUR[¨EN] – Between Dark and Light
10. + 11. June .2017 UFERSTUDIOS Berlin St.14

1.+2.March 2019 | PERTANZFORM at Tanzraum Wedding GbR
Performance evening with international artists.
Curator & Host : Alessio Trevisani | Host : Yuko Matsuyama