On Monday 3.January our Pilates class started at Tanzfabrik berlin.
It was really nice sun shining into the studio3.
Thank you for your visit in 2021.
Let’s breath together deeply and keep our smile and health in 2022!

The studio classes stay 2G (Tanzfabrik and YogaDelta) and 2G-plus (Marameo).
New! From Sat. 15.January on, Marameo class will switch back to Online/Zoom class.

Schöneberg/X-berg : Tanzfabrik Studio 3

– Monday 9:30 (90min.) Lebel: Intermediate
Training with small-ball and Theraband

Prenzlauer Berg : YogaDelta Online+Studio

– Monday 20:15 (60min.) Lebel: Intermediate
– Friday 8:30 (60min. ) Lebel: Upper-intermediate

Training with small ball (online at home : a big towel )

⭐︎ we also offer ‚video on-demand‘.

Kreuzberg : Marameo

Pilates for Dancers – flexibility and strength
– This Saturday 8.Jan. 9:30 (60min. Studio, Big room)
– Saturday 15.Jan. On! 10:45 – ZOOM class (75min.)

⭐︎Online class doesn’t accept UrbanSportsClub membership.

⭐︎dance students and non-dancers with movement experience also welcome!

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